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Lifeguard Services

For both public and private resorts, country clubs, and aquatic centers around the Fort Worth area, not everyone knows how to swim. Suppose water dangers are spotted in and around your aquatic facility, how will you respond? In most cases, it is essential to have a professional lifeguard service from a trusted lifeguard management company to help and assist the aquatic owner on the day-to-day operations and liability exposures and risk management framework.

Our lifeguards/first responders have advanced swimming skills and have received proper lifesaving training programs (Red Cross) to ensure they know how to respond to an emergency. Swimming Pool Management is the best way to outsource your daily operations and have professionals manage your operations. Investing in your aquatic facilities operations and hiring a professional pool management team will help you save in the long run. Having high-quality lifeguard services will give your members/patrons composure to know they are being guarded and that you have their best interests in mind. It can help your business adapt to your customers’ needs and implement effective aquatic risk management.

Since a professional lifeguard or water park operator is a symbol of safety, your members, customers, and swimmers can have peace of mind that they will be guarded inside your resort or HOA. These rescuers have also undergone extensive training to acquire the necessary skills to save someone’s life if needed.

Usually, lifeguards in general know basic lifesaving skills, basic first aid training and CPR procedures. However, thanks to the technology and advanced education, USA Pools of Texas encompasses the Active Lifeguarding protocols that equip lifeguards and water park operators with enough knowledge and skills to help divert emergencies before they happen. It is best described as identifying high risk swimmers and low risk swimmers. By enforcing water safety protocols for parents and swimmers we can help reduce accidents before they happen.

Since being a swimming pool management employee or a water park operator requires a higher level of risk, you as an owner should not settle for less. Always hire a water park operator or management company with excellent problem-solving skills, leadership, experience, and confidence.