Water safety is what USA Pools of Texas calls the "KIDS SAFE" PROGRAM


USA Pools of Texas wants to have water safety kids by the implementation of our Kids Safe program.  We have developed all of these important water safety programs that help promote responsible swimming and water safety kids.  No matter what the swimming skill level, kids MUST be properly supervised.  Our Kid safe programs have been such a huge success that most people in the aquatic field have imitated and copied our programs which we find very humbling.  We could not have achieved these programs without a lot of hard work.
Water can be dangerous for kids without the proper precautions.  The good news is that there are many ways to keep your kids safe in water.  You must always watch your children closely when they are in or near any water.  We call it the touch supervision.  It doesn't matter if a kid is a new born, infant, toddler, child, pre-teen and/ or a teen all kids need proper supervision. Kids always need to be water safe. While lifeguards are an important part of helping to provide water safety and enforcing water safety rules, only YOU can guarantee your child's safety in and around water.

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The earth is 75% water
can you swim?

USA Pools of Texas to know who has passed the swim test, who is more comfortable around water, and assist parents to know their water safety kids.  Kids that cannot pass this test must either wear a coast guard approved life jacket or have a parent or guarding in the water with them at ALL times (touch supervision).  While we know this is NOT a popular USA water safety rule, we understand that Kids Safety and Water Safety is more important than being popular.

Water safety for Kids

Swim Test

Why do I have to take a swim Test? How old/how tall do I have to be to take the swim test? What is the purpose for the swim test? These are questions that undoubtedly your kids have asked or you have heard at your aquatic facility.  A swim test is a crucial part of your facility’s water safety program.  Every facility has a minimum age requirement, which allows a child to go to a facility unaccompanied by an adult.  However, this does not always mean that a child can be left alone at the pool or enter the water safely.  A swim test is the best way of assuring the aquatic staff, parents, piers and children of their swimming limitations. USA Management's aquatic staff is instructed to administer a swim test to all children before they enter the water.  The swim test will consist of: Each swimmer will be asked to swim 1 length of the pool without touching the bottom. Each swimmer will be asked to tread water for 60 seconds. A list will be kept in order to keep an ongoing record of those who can swim without a Coast Guard approved life jacket or a guardian present in the water with them.

Rules Day

One of the biggest concerns at every aquatic facility is the topic of “Pool Rules”.  Questions about what the specific rules are and how they will be enforced, flood our offices every year.  Rules Day was established in an effort to avoid confusion that arises when the aquatic staff and the patrons at the facility interpret rules differently.  This can cause frustration and inconsistency in the daily operations and supervision of the swim facility. During the first few weeks of a swim operation there will be material regarding information on the date and time of your facility’s Rules Day.  This program will last about 20 minutes and will take place at your swim facility.  USA Management and its pool management staff will have a chance to explain to everyone in attendance what exactly the facility’s rules are, what the water safety rules are, and how they will be enforced. Our goal is twofold: To inform every one of the safety rules at the facility and how they will be enforced. To establish a level of understanding and consistency within our team and the patrons at the pool as it pertains to the enforcement of the facility’s rules as well as water safety rules

Jr. Lifesaving

It is always a pleasure to see a lifeguard interact with children at an aquatic facility.  With this is mind, USA Management and its pool management program has taken lifeguard training a step further by implementing a Junior Lifesaving Program.  This program is for anyone interested in learning how to become a trained lifeguard. If you know someone that is interested in life guarding but not quite old enough yet this course will sure to be a productive way to occupy some time.  This course is designed to give 12 to 14 year old a sneak peek into what it takes to become a great lifeguard.  The participants gain an understanding of a lifeguard’s job while at the same time becoming more familiar with proper water safety skills and health safety procedures. Junior Lifesaving classes are available on a first come first serve basis.  So contact our offices and sign up now at jrlifesaving@usamanagement.com

Safety Audit Weekends

We sincerely hope that you will never have to witness a REAL water safety rescue procedure.  However, sometimes accidents happen and we want to insure that if an incident arises that our experience staff will be ready to rise to the occasion and be professional “first responders”.  In addition, we want the patrons at the facility to recognize that the life guarding staff is professionally trained and is capable of handling emergency situations.  That is why we introduced the “Lifeguard Audit Program” many years ago.  This program was implemented to test lifeguards and demonstrate to patrons visiting the aquatic facility how well the lifeguard(s) can react under pressure, and what procedures are in place to respond to an emergency situation. Our Safety Audit Weekends take places unannounced and throughout the year.  Our goal is to ensure everyone’s safety and have well trained and ready “first responders”.