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Lifeguard Staffing

Nowadays, lifeguard staffing is essential around the Arlington area since it creates a safety structure by making sure all swimmers follow the rules in and around aquatic facilities. However, aquatic owners must understand that being a professional trained lifeguard is a difficult job and finding a professional lifeguard management company around the Arlington area is not easy to find.

If you are planning on hiring a resort lifeguard with aquatic risk management skills, it is mandatory to ensure that he or she has enough life-saving training and water safety protocols to ensure water safety at your aquatic facility. These rescuers will become your patrons and members first responders. Thus, he/she must provide all the necessary skills needed to respond to certain emergency issues, such as CPR and/or first aid.

Fortunately, our lifeguard staffing company that is based in Texas provides training, certifications, and audits to ensure that all HOA’s, Resorts, Clubs, and municipality lifeguards are qualified for the job. Also, USA Pools of Texas can provide you physically fit resort lifeguards that are strong enough for pool operations, mandatory safety drills, and risk management training to provide carefree operations.

Our first responders/lifeguards endorse and support aquatic risk management and water safety protocols to enforce and train patrons who are not familiar with swimming pool safety. They are trained in lifesaving to respond to an emergency if needed. Recognizing swimmers in distress is not a simple task. Sometimes swimmers that are directly next to a swimmer in distress do not see or notice the struggles of a person in need. If you plan to have or need an aquatic management company to hire and train lifeguards for your business, please reach out and contact us.